Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Latest News from Incline Press

Wandering over to the Incline Press website, I noticed two bits of news. The first is a status report on Art for Life: The Story of Peggy Angus:
Graham has been printing and tipping-in illustrations on the thirteenth section of the book. We have 145 pages printed, and about 50 pages still to print. So far he has printed more than one dozen original linocuts and added about 150 illustrations. The portfolios are complete and Carolyn has finished the index, a necessity, we thought, since Peggy had such wide-ranging friendships and was involved with so many groups and issues.
the second item being the announcement of the next book off the press, A Paper Snowstorm: Toni Savage & the Leicester Broadsheets:
Derek Deadman and Rigby Graham have collaborated on the text for this long-overdue biography of Toni Savage and the Leicester Broadsheets. An integral part of the folk music revival of the 1960's, Toni Savage and his Leicester folk club inspired a concurrent revival in the art of the broadsheet. Including facsimiles of broadsheets printed by Savage, as well as new ones printed by Joe Quercus at the Aardvark Press, Alan Brignall at the Hedgehog Press and Cynthia Savage's Fenice Press.
Additional information can be had from their website or via email (books.inclinepress@virgin.net).