Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Reviews of Fine Printing in The New Bookbinder

[The following is excerpted from a listserv message by Paul W. Nash. Designer Bookbinders can be found online at http://www.designerbookbinders.org.uk]

Designer Bookbinders is initiating a section of reviews of new and recent letterpress publications in its magazine The New Bookbinder. The society wants to support small presses and to let its members know what is currently available, partly with an eye to their obtaining suitable volumes for fine binding. For this last reason, it is a particularly good idea to send the society review copies of books which are available in unbound form (although they are interested in all fine books). Designer Bookbinders promise to return all review copies once they have been examined (they don’t say as much, but I imagine it would be considered a kindness to include return postage). The society is interested in reviewing books from presses around the world, regardless of language, format, extent, illustration, etc. The only criterion, as I understand it, is that they be finely-printed and/or hand-crafted books which would appeal to craftsmen and women.

The New Bookbinder is an annual publication, and for inclusion in the next issue books would need to be received by the end of February (so there is not much time, although this deadline may have a little flexibility in it).

If you would like to pursue this option, you can send books to, or make enquiries of: The New Bookbinder, Designer Bookbinders, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AR, UK. E-mail: TNB@designerbookbinders.org.uk. The editor of the magazine is Nesta Davies.

There is also an option to take out advertisements in the magazine, and the editor is trying to keep the cost of this down, in order to encourage small press involvement. At present a 50 x 90 mm advertisement costs £25.00. Larger adverts can be arranged.